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About JILL

I'm a sassy Southern girl who's always been a little too "all or none."  Teacher, MBA, Healthpreneur (and Hashimoto's, as if that's an accomplishment) all before age 28.

Striving to eliminate toxins from my personal care routine along with the desire for more flexibility I built to the top of a network marketing company (Arbonne, for those curious) in my 20’s. What started out as a part time hustle quickly grew into a lucrative business that I honestly could not have anticipated. Life had never been more exciting!!!! 

Fast forward four short years, I had a beautiful home, a beautiful team, a beautiful company car and a lifestyle that didn't seem quite possible for a Southern girl with such humble beginnings. Reality: I was a hot mess, unorganized, unhealthy, overweight and 150% burnt out!  

I absolutely loved my career. Could someone please tell me what the hell just happened? No, really!!! As a gal who was committed (okay, okay, obsessed) with her career, I CHOSE to neglect every other "non-career" aspect of my world and it had finally taken its toll on my health, business and relationships. And, it wasn't pretty. Here we are again, all or none, baby! 


Back to square one I went. No more neglecting nourishing my body,  my marriage, my health! No more neglecting, ME! Priority shift 101 was underway at the Ward household.  

Although, extremely painful (in fact, I still tear up writing about it) this experience changed me as a person, for the better. 

It led me on a 40 plus pound weight loss journey. Along the way, I became a certified holistic health coach AND most importantly I learned how to balance my priorities, health and career like a freakin' BOSS!

In case you're wondering.....YES it is absolutely possible to be a rockstar entrepreneur (wife, mom, student, whatever) without neglecting you! But, only if your priorities are in line and STAY that way. 

Let me show YOU how to streamline becoming (or staying) healthy! From this day forward, no more neglecting YOU!! Because frankly, we both have too many lives left to change. Let's get to work so you can continue living a life of badassery.