3 Bomb Non-Dairy Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the quickest and easiest ways to flood your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s I’ve been a total sucker  for meal choices that strengthen my immune system. A nourishing meal, plus superfoods in less than five minutes? Yes, please. Oh and did I mention that cleanup is a total breeze? Seriously, these factors alone, make smoothies a total no-brainer for me! Holla!!!!!

I usually have one per day, as a meal. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking smoothies are just for breakfast. Not true! They’re flexible enough that you can have them for breakfast, depending what you have going on that day. I prefer to make them myself, that way I know exactly what I'm getting. I have food allergies so this is a big deal to me!!!!

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